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There are a few books that are as successful as the 19th-century Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen wrote this novel of manners bringing in various themes that discuss society and culture. The book is about listening to your heart and marrying for love which is way nobler than society and its customs. Read the complete reviews and also download Pride and Prejudice Pdf e-book right now from our site.

Pride and Prejudice Review:

Pride and Prejudice is a love story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, a wealthy man. Mr. Bennett has five daughters and since he has no heir, he wants one of them to be married soon. In Regency England where marriages centered around social prestige, the novel centers around the true theme of marrying for love. For doing that, Austen developed Elizabeth Bennett which according to her, was her ‘darling character’.

When Mr. Darcy comes to the town, Mrs. Bennett takes the task of making him her son-in-law. However, while she tries to fix him up with her most beautiful one, Mr. Darcy falls for Elizabeth. She is a clear-headed sweet girl who likes reading and has a romantic mental palace of her own. To Elizabeth, marriage is all about love and affection so giving up on social norms is not an option.

According to the current numbers, Pride and Prejudice and solved over 20 million copies. It appears in almost every ‘favorite books’ list. It has a high Goodreads user score of 4.27 and is certainly Jane Austen’s best work.

Pride and Prejudice Pdf

About the Author Jane Austen:

Jane Austen was an 18th-century English novelist. She is known for writing Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Lady Susan. Much of her work got published posthumously. Austen is considered among the most influential writers of all time, challenging and criticizing British landed gentry.

Pride and Prejudice Pdf Features:

  • Pride and Prejudice is a beautiful romantic novel challenging social norms.
  • The books span many genres, including romance, fiction, and satire.
  • We have taken the Pride and Prejudice Pdf from the original edition.

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